The craft tonic fever is just taking hold. Still, it’s difficult to find tonic sans corn syrup. Gross.

Several stout homemade tonic recipes are floating around the internet. The total earthiness of such tonic will generally create a love or hate relationship. Though I love, I wanted something with a slightly softer touch.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler recently revised his classic tonic recipe for a lighter variety and included a touch of brilliance— a quinine tincture! This vodka infused with quinine simplifies the process. Indeed, making a citrus simple syrup is a breeze. It’s the addition of quinine that becomes difficult, as ultra-fine quinine powder is tedious to strain.

Onward to the recipe!

Quinine Tincture (straight from Jeffrey)

Dissolve the cinchona bark into the vodka and strain through a coffee filter (chemex filters work wonders!).

Citrus Simple Syrup

Bring sugar and water to boil. Add other ingredients and turn heat down.

When simple syrup is cool, add 1.5 ounces of the tincture. Mix with gin and soda water and enjoy!

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